List of Current Awesome Donors:
  • GJ
  • Joe Helle (The Mayor)
  • Frank Riccardi
  • Joe Hudson
  • Grey
  • Meuacan

Donations are absolutely not necessary and not expected from any member, but are definitely appreciated. For a while now, I’ve been running the website on my own funds, and I’m still absolutely comfortable with doing that. But now we’re using Zoom which requires a paid subscription, and there has been ongoing talks of getting something set up for QCS swag. This is where any bit of donation can help. Below are just some details of what the donations would go to, and how it would benefit us all. If you don’t need convincing, just skip on down to the bottom. Donations are absolutely not necessary and not expected from any member, but are definitely appreciated.

Donate via Patreon

If a monthly donation isn’t your thing, you can commit to a single one-time donation to help out with the following link below:

Paypal – QCS One-Time Donation

QCS Merchandise

It’s been mentioned several times in the past on how people would like to purchase QCS merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, etc. Since these discussions, I’ve conducted some research and looked into a few options. Ultimately, I feel creating a Queensboro Storefront will be the best option. Why? For a one-time fee, we can have items with our logo on popular clothing items you probably already own, or prefer. In addition, you can simply just go to the web page and make an order. There is no need for custom order runs where I’m taking everyone’s order and sending it to a company and getting a limited run. This will allow anyone to purchase any item with the logo when they want.

The one time fee costs $150 in which I plan on purchasing next month. With or without donations, I’ll definitely get us a storefront. My intention has to never been to collect donations for any cost to Queen City Skiddies.

Website Hosting / Zoom Subscription

Website hosting and Zoom subscription are fairly low costs, but if you want to contribute to keeping them running — that’s cool. If not, no worries!


With whatever money is left over, I would like to transition those funds into giveaways here and there. That may include TryHackMe or Hack The Box subscriptions, Pentest tools such as rubber duckies, lockpick set, etc. This obviously is dependent on how much money is left over, but that would be the plan! At no point will I use donations for personal use.

How You Can Donate

If you would like to donate to help get the storefront up and running and help with server costs, I’ve set up options for one-time donations and monthly donations. Each come with benefits (free stickers!), but monthly donations receive better benefits which likely will evolve over time. For example, donate $15+/mo, and you’ll get digital downloads of all resources from a meetup. This includes slides, PDFs, and video recordings from each meetup. Great learning resource for offline use.

One-Time Donation

Paypal – QCS One-Time Donation


Patreon Donation Link